Series News Background of the Forbidden Apple series shoot

Background of the Forbidden Apple series shoot


Forbidden Apple series appeared on the set for the 4th season. Famous names came together on the set and the longing was gone … The shooting of the series started as well … After the director Neslihan Yeşilyurt moved to another project, the new director of the series, Murat Öztürk, also met the team.

Images about what happened on the set of the highly anticipated series on the Fox TV screen in the new season were prepared by the team and a short video was presented to the fans of the series. Famous names were in the pleasure of meeting again in the images published from Forbidden Apple’s social media accounts.

It is known in the TV series that the teams shoot and broadcast such behind-the-scenes images from time to time. These images, which were also published in the Forbidden Apple series, won the audience’s great appreciation. The following message also attracted attention: “Forbidden Apple shots continue where they left off! A season like a bomb is waiting for you.”

Viewers want new episodes of the series to start as soon as possible, but the team will shoot stock episodes first. For the start of the 4th season, the ones on the screen must wait for September… Eda Ece has clearly given the message saying “See you in September” in the video.

In normal times, new episodes of the series start on the 2nd or 3rd week of September. The season is commenced in proportion with the opening of the schools. The Forbidden Apple series is expected to follow a similar calendar, and will leave fans enthusiasm in the crop for the 4th season to begin near 2 months later.