Bade İşçil will touch hearts with her role in the TV series Aslında Özgürsün!
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29 November 2022 11:05


Bade İşçil will touch hearts with her role in the TV series Aslında Özgürsün!

Bade İşil, who has not been on the screen for a long time, drew attention with her words about the TV series Aslında Özgürsün (You Are Actually Free), which was shot for the digital platform Gain and adapted from the novel by the famous writer Duygu Asena.

Bade İşil, who plays the leading role with Deniz Çakır, revealed situations that touched her in her real life, especially for the series where many women will find sections from their own lives.

The series, which met with the audience on May 9 in Gain, has the same name as the novel. In the series adapted from the author’s book published in 2001, who died in 2006, realistic characters almost hit the audience! While Bade İşil tells how the roles assigned to women in society stick to her, she does not hide that she has gone through a similar process.

Regarding the series in which he gave life to the character of Belgin, “Again, the characters that exist in reality. She’s not talking about anything utopian. I know women like Berna, I know men like Erkan. All of them are really living characters and they exist in Turkey, I’m sure they exist in the world. Let them look at it as a third eye, I believe there are many things they can find themselves,” the actress says, and also states that everyone who watches will find something from herself.

The actress, who underlined that after the mirror held in their own lives, will bring enlightenment to the audience and make them question themselves, the actress thinks that this enlightenment will be revealed more clearly with the character of Belgin.

The actress describes her character as follows: “Belgin is offended, she forgot to realize herself. By looking around, trying to make those around her feel good, she forgot about herself. She doesn’t think about how she feels. Berna reminds her. Because she is a dedicated woman, she does not have the luxury of asking myself if I am okay, living in the moment.”

In fact, the actress, who questions herself over Belgin, a character that can be found almost everywhere in society, does not hide that she has turned into a woman like in the series after her marriage and after becoming a mother.

The actress said, “I have similar aspects to Belgin, these habits. I also devoted myself to my child after I had a child… It was the same with my marriage when I was married. She became a character that I believe made her feel stuck and free. That’s why I wanted to hold Belgin’s hand,” she says.

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