Artists News Celebrities are returning to TV series one by one, but Deniz Çakır has an important condition!

Celebrities are returning to TV series one by one, but Deniz Çakır has an important condition!


We see that many famous names have recently returned to television series. Serenay Sarıkaya and Özgü Namal are among the famous names who met on the sets again after many years.

Deniz Çakır, who has provided important services to the industry, has also taken a break from television projects since the production called Innocence in 2021.

Deniz Çakır, who has starred in many important TV series in her career, said that she is looking for projects that will leave a mark in order to return to the sets. Deniz Çakır, who appeared with the character Berna in the digital series Aslında (Actually You Are Free), broadcast on Gain TV in 2022, has been cold towards television productions for more than 2 seasons.

Deniz Çakır, who does not want to take part in ordinary scenarios and ordinary projects and explains this by stating that he wants productions that will ‘leave a mark’, can return to the sets again if strong scenarios come.

Deniz Çakır, who considers that the TV series currently airing are not suitable for her, wishes to take part in productions about the experiences of women, especially in Turkey.

The famous actress said in her statement to the press:

“I don’t want to take part in an unusual, ordinary love story project. I want a job that is appropriate for my age and reflects the stance of women in this country. I don’t see any projects I want to be in right now. Acting is something I love, so I want to be in productions that leave a mark.”

Deniz Çakır, who has been providing very important services to the TV series and cinema industry since 2005, also met with her fans on the theater stage.

After Deniz Çakır attracted attention with the TV series Kadın İsterse, the beginning of her career, she became popular with the character of Ferhunde in the unforgettable project Yaprak Dökümü.

The productions named İffet, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, Masumiyet and Aslında Özgürsün are among the important projects in which the famous actor took part.