Barış Arduç surprised his fans with his new image
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27 March 2023 21:04


Barış Arduç surprised his fans with his new image

The famous actor Barış Arduç passed to The Pit after the Kuzgun series. The actor returned to the series with a performance that impressed his fans with the character of Arık Böke Erdenet in The Pit. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the famous actor was able to take part in his new series for a short time.

The Pit series completed the third season and preparations for the 4th season are also underway. Barış Arduç is expected to take place in the story more effectively in the new season. Barış Arduç, who shared his Instagram account from time to time, surprised his fans with his final form.

The actor, who extended his hair in the quarantine process, shared his final version with the note “I am aware that I have extended it too much”.

He closed his instagram posts to comments. However, many messages came to the photos reflected on the Twitter environment. One fan wrote, “Curly hair, come and fall.”

While many fans expressed that they liked this situation, some followers said, “Why did you do this to yourself?” asked the question.

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