Series News The famous series Songul Oden could not forget

The famous series Songul Oden could not forget


Famous actress Songül Öden was a guest on the program tonight with İbrahim Selim. she maintained her social distance and did not act like hugging. Describing quarantine days as closed prison, Songül Öden explained that she adapted to the process after a while.

Stating that she was cooking at home and completing her stories, Songül Öden emphasized that she never went out for 50 days and said: “When I went out, I realized that I did not meet anyone. Nobody was with me too … There was a period like that, they were very afraid .. You can infect, they can infect you. Guilt is a strange thing. It was strange that he couldn’t afford it, but it passed. ”

Taking part in the production named Havada Bulut in 2002, Songül Öden has been involved in many roles in career steps for 18 years. After this production, the actress in the Silver series thus managed to make her name known.

Explaining that the project she had the most fun among all the works she did was Desperate Housewives, Songül Öden said, “Because I was doing a lot of improvisation. Merve Girgin is a director I love very much. She was opening the field, she was giving me permission. I have my sister, my mother, my aunt’s daughters in that show. There is a lot of improvisation in it. That’s why I enjoyed it very much. ”

Explaining that they are able to do this even though it is an adaptation project, Songül Öden stated that it is very suitable for improvisation since it is made suitable for our own culture.