Dilan Çiçek Deniz made an image change for her new series!
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29 March 2023 16:33


Dilan Çiçek Deniz made an image change for her new series!

Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Burak Deniz are the leading roles in the Unfineshed Love series project, which is prepared for BluTV. The first photographs of the two famous actors were served to the press and their harmonious versions were appreciated.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz will return to the sets with this project after The Pit series. She, who has been away from the sets for about 1 year, will take part in a project that attracts attention.

If you look at the comments about the series and the high level of interaction on the social media, Unfinished Love is expected with great curiosity.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz also attracted attention with its sharing that increased this excitement. The actress published her photos with the note “New project, new excitement, new hair”.

The fans of the famous actress commented that she should gain some weight, considering that he iss too weak.

The new version of Dilan Çiçek Deniz was also appreciated. The actress will bring the character of Elif to life in the series.

The story of the series is about to shake everyone… Journalist Ozan is about to marry Elif who is a journalist like him. Ozan is after a mysterious and difficult news.

The happy picture in the life of the couple, who love each other insanely, will end in a terrible event: Ozan loses his life in a traffic accident.

However, Ozan will find his lost life in a new body again. Returning to life with another body, Ozan has two challenging tasks: to find out who killed him and to tell Elif all the facts.

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