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18 August 2022 17:50


Başak Parlak had a great misfortune on the set of the TV series that she returned after 3 years!

The beautiful actress Başak Parlak, born in 1989, showed herself by taking part in various projects in the 2000s. The actress, who attracted attention especially with the character of İrem in the TV series Doktorlar, then took part in many projects.

The actress, who was remembered as the character of Rüya in the Fatih Harbiye series and the character of Esin in the Şevkat Yerimdar project, was not on the TV sets for a long time. The actress, who was taken to rest after the TV series Şevkat Yerimdar, broke her 4-year silence for the TV series Kanunsuz Topraklar.

The actress, who joined the team of the Fox TV series the previous week, also appeared on the set and reappeared on the screen. The actress, who played the character named Bahar, had the misfortune of coronavirus on the set he returned to.

As a result of the tests, Başak Parlak, who was found to have caught the coronavirus together with another actress of the series, Dogaç Yıldız, quarantined herself.

In the series, the shootings were stopped and the whole team was tested. There is no certainty that the series will air next week.

Başak Parlak experienced a great misfortune by catching the coronavirus at a time when she returned to the screen in the character of Bahar.

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