Beautiful actress Aybüke Pusat's new hair style was admired!
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5 October 2022 17:25


Beautiful actress Aybüke Pusat’s new hair style was admired!

Actress Aybüke Pusat, whose star shines in the Medcezir TV series, appeared in front of the audience with the character of “Güneş” in the series Hayaller ve Hayatlar (meaning: Dreams and Lives) by NG Medya, which started to be broadcast on beIN CONNECT last month.

The beautiful actress, who made a name for herself with the successful projects she took part in, is also very active on social media. The hair style in the last share of the actress’s Instagram account was liked by her fans.

Hundreds of comments were made by her fans in a short time on the sharing of the actress, who was preparing to appear on the screen with ALEF: Mâl-i Hülya, the second season of BluTV’s mystical detective series ALEF on April 7th.

Her followers agreed that this hairstyle suits the actress very well. Aybüke Pusat will take her fans on a mystical journey in April with ALEF: Mâl-i Hülya, in pursuit of the secrets, codes and truth that have survived from the dusty shelves of the past.

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