Artists News Before the start of the Magarsus series, a little advice came from Merve Dizdar to the audience!

Before the start of the Magarsus series, a little advice came from Merve Dizdar to the audience!


Berkay Ateş and Merve Dizdar are among the leading names in the new digital series project Magarsus, which will be broadcast on Blu TV on August 10. Magarsus, where important names such as Çağlar Ertuğrul, Ercan Kesal, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Menderes Samancılar came together, will stand out as the drama-filled story of a family dealing with the citrus trade.

Before the broadcast of the series, the duo of Merve Dizdar and Berkay Ateş answered Ömür Sabuncu’s questions on Show TV. Merve Dizdar, who expressed her happiness to be involved in such a project, also stated that it was pleasing for her to work with her co-star Berkay Ateş.

Merve Dizdar said, “It was very good. We have had such an adventure since last year. I am very happy with Magarsus,” she said.

The story of the series takes place in Adana. Berkay Ateş told the following about the series in which you will watch the struggle to maintain power in the family, one of the important merchants of the region in the citrus trade:

“For us, it’s a story from a side that we don’t actually see digitally. In this sense, this is what got us excited when the script came out. Really deep characters. Characters that leave space for the actor. We made our opening in Berlin and received an award from there.”

Expressing her happiness that Magarsus won the ‘best cast’ award at the Berlin Festival through its cast, Merve Dizdar said, “It’s a really great cast. I really liked all of our actors in the team. I say this objectively, it’s a really great cast,” she said.

Merve Dizdar, who gave an important advice to those who will watch the Magarsus series, said that they should allow the characters to open and that the story will become much more interesting as it develops.

The actress said, “It’s an increasing pace, there will be much more after the 2nd episode. I am curious about the audience’s reaction, I think they will like it,” she said.