Artists News Begüm Kütük does not break morale

Begüm Kütük does not break morale


Famous actress Begüm Kütük, started in September 2017-2018 television season, the Sevda’s Gardens in the name Channel D took place in the order.

However, the series did not hold and Begüm Kütük had a sad story of spending a season.

An unfortunate event has also passed by the famous actress …

The pregnant actress was expecting a baby boy.

Begüm Kütük, suffered by a painful event of 3,5 months pregnancy, lost her baby.

Erdil Yaşaroğlu, who has been married for 8 years, has been shut down for some time after this unfortunate event, but he also managed to jump slowly.

Begüm Kütük shows social media sharing that she has continued from her place of life and is beginning to replace moral.

Successful cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu has been married with a happy marriage since 8 years, Begüm Kütük, social media correspondence with her husband during the flirting.

The answer is very nice to Yaşaroğlu, who wrote the message, “You are very sweet”

“He is your own sweetheart, sir.”

We learn from this sharing that Begüm Kütük has met with her husband via facebook!

Begüm Kütük, “Archiving is sometimes beautiful. Matchmaker Mark Zuckerberg did not do badly with the bad, ” she added.

We wish the continuation of the double happiness that has been a happy marriage since 2010.