Series News Being a mother does not prevent Demet Evgar from returning to the sets!

Being a mother does not prevent Demet Evgar from returning to the sets!


Demet Evgar, whom we watched in the TV series Alev Alev, took a break from the sets for a while after she became a mother. The actress, who gave birth to her daughter, Mavi, in August 2022, faced questions about how long she would take a break from the sets.

Demet Evgar admitted that she took a break from the sets for a while, but she also gave the good news that it would not last long. Expressing that she can do her job while raising her daughter and that she does not see any problem in this regard, the actress does not want to say big words.

Demet Evgar said, “I am very excited to go back to my job with her. Probably she will always be with me in the theater and backstage. There was a project we postponed. The album project, she will come, “she said.

The famous actress stated that she did not hire a nanny for her baby Mavi and took care of them.

Emre Karayel and Demet Evgar’s reunion after years and making a sketch brought to mind the possibility of returning to the screen of the 1 Kadın 1 Erkek (1 Female 1 Male) TV series. When allegations in this direction were published in the press and social media, Demet Evgar was asked about the details of the issue.

The actress, who is also a United Nations goodwill ambassador, explained that this sketch was also shot for the sake of social responsibility. Evgar said, “We went in front of the camera with our beloved Emre Karayel about them. It was to draw attention to partner violence, ”she said.

Reiterating that the series will not start again, the actor stated that she also thanked her fans for their support.