Belly update pose came from seven months pregnant actress Hande Soral!
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27 March 2023 17:21


Belly update pose came from seven months pregnant actress Hande Soral!

Actress Hande Soral, who successfully portrayed the character of “Umit” in the TV series “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova” broadcast on ATV, and İsmail Demirci, who recently appeared in front of the audience in the production of Yalancılar ve Mumları, are counting the days to become parents.

The couple’s baby is 7 months old. Actress Hande Soral, who shared on her Instagram account during her pregnancy, shared her growing belly day by day with her followers.

The actress’s photo, which was observed to have grown quite a lot, dropped the note ‘Belly update’. The actress, who did not quit sports throughout her pregnancy, is counting the days to hold her baby in her arms.

The couple expecting a boy is very excited. Hande Soral, who left 29 weeks behind in her pregnancy, does not neglect to share the healthy recipes she made during this period with her followers on her Instagram account.

The actress recently shared the recipe for the fit cake she made with dates. Hande Soral, who takes great care in eating and drinking during her pregnancy, also pays attention to what she eats and drinks under the supervision of a dietitian.

The famous actress also makes humorous posts, stating that she cannot follow the advice of her dietitian and doctor from time to time.

The babies of the famous couple will be born in May. The actress said in a statement she made recently, “He will be a Taurus man”.

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