Artists News Bergüzar Korel returns to the sets with projects like a bomb after a long break!

Bergüzar Korel returns to the sets with projects like a bomb after a long break!


Bergüzar Korel has not been on the sets since the movie Azizler, which she took part in in 2021. The actress added a new one to her joy of motherhood with the birth of her daughter Leyla in November of 2021. Preparations were also started for the Kanlı Yayın (Bloody Broadcast) series, which was talked about at that time but was postponed due to pregnancy.

Bergüzar Korel also started to return to the sets with projects like bombs. The actress, who first went on the set for the filming of the movie 10 Saniye (10 Seconds) with Bige Önal, made her fans happy with her social media sharing.

Bergüzar Korel, who drew attention to the film 10 Saniye with the photo she shared with the note “We started at the end of the 6-month marathon”, will make her fans feel very different with the digital TV series called Kanlı Yayın, which will be shot for the Amazon Prime Video platform in August.

Kanlı Yayın is one of the highly anticipated projects and Bergüzar Korel very much wanted to take part in this work that has been on her agenda for a long time. Since the producer did not want to work with another name, the project was postponed until the summer of 2023.

The fact that Bergüzar Korel, who will be on the set for Kanlı Yayın in August, will share the lead role with Caner Cindoruk also pleased her fans.

Caner Cindoruk, who has been on the Show TV screen most recently with the TV series Maviye Sürgün (Blue Cage), is an experienced name and will fit in very well with Bergüzar Korel in the Kanlı Yayın series.

The Kanlı Yayın series, which will last 8 episodes, will actually stand out as the story of Neslihan Turhan, who solves murder cases on the television screen.

The fact that Müge Anlı has brought murder cases to the screen on Turkish television for years and made significant contributions to the illumination of events has also inspired the Kanlı Yayın series.

The fact that Caner Cindoruk will also take part in the story with the character of Commissioner Nejat will excite the fans. Caner Cindoruk, who plays the character of Ali, a former SAT commando, in the Maviye Sürgün series, is one of the male actors who is constantly on the agenda with his successes.