Artists News Berk Atan has a strong life stance that will set an example for his young colleagues!

Berk Atan has a strong life stance that will set an example for his young colleagues!


Everyone sees that although Berk Atan, who plays the character of Taner in the Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain) series, has been talked about a lot in recent years, he is not on the social media and magazine agenda. Although he is a famous name that is watched by millions of people and shared a lot every week and is constantly on the agenda in the press, Berk Atan’s modesty does not go unnoticed.

Reaching more than 5 million followers on his social media Instagram account, Berk Atan has seen the difference of being one of the most prominent young male actors of the last 3 years with a rapid fan base formation. However, Berk Atan’s followers are a bit troubled, because the famous actor does not use social media as intensely as they would like.

Berk Atan, who does not have a goal of socializing through the social media environment, used the following statements in an interview with Hakan Gence on this subject: “Being popular, having 5 million followers on Instagram… I have 5 million followers on Instagram, but I might also like Instagram. I take a photo every 2 months, every 3 months. The photos I took, the storeys are related to the work I’ve already done. I don’t use social media to socialize either…”

There are many who shine through social media in recent years. We also witness that famous names take advantage of this opportunity and try to keep themselves on the agenda.

Stating that he does not have a word for those who use social media to socialize, Berk Atan said, “Social media is just as normal. But I don’t use social media for socializing either. I am in this profession because I love it. My reputation is not important to me. There is no situation that compels me from those sides,” he said.

The fact that Berk Atan is loyal to his relationship, does not want to use social media despite being so popular, does not have any problems with stalking or hiding it, are the fine details that reveal his philosophy of life.