Berk Erçer ends his two-year longing for TV series on ATV!
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27 March 2023 20:49


Berk Erçer ends his two-year longing for TV series on ATV!

Fans of the famous actor Berk Erçer have not seen the actor on the screen for a long time. Berk Erçer, who has been on the screen since 2008, will return to the sets with a new project.

One of the ambitious productions of the new season is the Destan series, which will be broadcast on the atv screen.

The series crew will go to the set and start shooting in the coming days. In October, there is a possibility that the Destan series will start broadcasting on the ATV screen. Berk Erçer will portray the character of Saltun in the new series project signed by Bozdağ Film.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the famous actor, who has not been on the screen for 2 years, will surprise with the Destan series in the new season.

Berk Erçer has taken part in successful roles in different TV series. The actor, who attracted attention with the character of Misa in the TV series Kurt Seyit and Şura, appeared for a short time as Sinan in Medcezir.

Berk Erçer, who appeared in Mehmetçik Kutül Amare after the Bedel and Gülizar TV series, will meet his fans again after a 2-year hiatus.

Emir Khalilzadeh was the director of the series starring Edip Tepeli and Ebru Şahin.

In the series; There are important names such as Selim Bayraktar, Filiz Ahmet, Kaan Çakır and Buse Meral.

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