Berk Oktay's Yasak Elma truth and holiday choice!
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1 December 2022 13:37


Berk Oktay’s Yasak Elma truth and holiday choice!

Famous actor Berk Oktay had a controversial breakup with the producer after a disagreement with the Savaşçı series at the beginning of last season. The famous actor accepted the offer from the Yasak Elma series and switched from one series to another on the same screen.

It was claimed that Berk Oktay, who is one of the important names of the story in the 4th season with the character of Çağatay in the Yasak Elma, is likely to leave the series. However, the famous actor will take his place in the story in the new season.

Berk Oktay, who decided to continue with the series, personally denied the news that he would leave, and did not allow the issue to remain on the agenda. For 5 seasons, the Yasak Elma team is expected to go to the set in August. The actors, who are living the last period of the holiday, are having fun to their heart’s content.

Berk Oktay, on the other hand, enjoys spending his holiday in a peaceful environment… Oktay, who posted the pose he posed on the off-road vehicle in the forest, on his Instagram account, received thousands of likes.

He, who was also on the agenda with his first experience with Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, also explained that the holiday was for his to be in peace and being intertwined with nature, with this sharing he made after a long silence.

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