Artists News BerkayHardal’s crazy fan!

BerkayHardal’s crazy fan!


BerkayHardal has a large number of fans from the popular cast of the Turkish series.

One of these fans is Mrs. Ayse who lives in Arabia …

Mrs. Ayşe, the poster of BerkayHardal in a building in the Karaköy district of Istanbul, and married proposal made.

The young actor has had a massive fan base in different parts of the world with the release of his acting series abroad.

And one of those admirers was surprised by the handsome star.

An Arab fan named Mrs.Ayşe covered the outer ceiling of a building in Karaköy with a huge photograph of BerkayHardal.

In the photo he writes: “Berkay I love you, I love you very much. My white horse princess, would you marry me? From Ayse Arabia. “