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6 July 2022 13:47


The life of Dilan Telkök and Berkay Hardal is a fun!

The famous couple Berkay Hardal and Dilan Telkök continue to present examples of their fun lives in their homes in Koycegiz.

The couple who share videos on the Youtube channel show what they are doing at home and how they spend their quarantine days.

The couple, who shared a new video, drew attention with their home.

Dilan Telkök shared the moments of her hair with the audience.

The fun of the couple was reflected in the video, dialogues were smiling. You can watch those moments from the video below.

Dilan Telkök has been acting since 2016. The actress, who appeared in the Magnificent Century Kösem with the character of Elif Hanım, later appeared in the series Boy Scent, Nerdesin Birader, Meryem, 8. Day, The Ring, and finally the Pigeon.

Berkay Hardal, on the other hand, first accepted the proposal from the series named “Gençliğim Eyvah” and gave up.

In the acting adventure she started in 2018, the actor took part in the series of Bride of Istanbul, The Love of Angels and The Sisters.

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