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6 July 2022 18:53


Demet Özdemir’s Early Bird series confession

Demet Özdemir, who has become the sought-after name of the Romantic Comedy series, made the opposite corner with the TV series My Home My Destiniy in the new season. However, it seems that the name will continue to be mentioned with the Early Bird series for a long time. The Early Bird series, which has an important place in her career, has become one of the remarkable projects that Demet Özdemir fans are watching again.

The famous actress who played the character of Sanem in the Early Bird series, where the episodes of Star TV were watched again with interest during the pandemic period. Sanem’s friendly, sincere, sincere and natural states were at the heart of the audience.

Demet Özdemir, who is very popular in the Early Bird series with a neighborhood girl, has increased the love of her fans once more with her small confession. Fans who love Sanem very much have not identified the famous actress with this character in vain!

Demet Özdemir was a guest on the internet chat like many players during the pandemic period. Demet Özdemir, who participated in the live broadcast of Instagram, answered a question about the secret of the success of the Early Bird series, and underlined how similar it was to the character of Sanem.

It seems that Demet Özdemir’s personality in her private life had a great influence on the love of Sanem, the daughter of a grocery store! The famous actress explained that she had no difficulty playing Sanem and that the character was very similar to her.

For the success of the Early Bird series, Demet Özdemir said: “This is actually a big component. It is not possible for me to do it alone, it is not possible for someone else to do it alone. Time is one of the most important factors for me. Whatever you do, do your best but if you are at the wrong time it is not seen in some way. So time, I think the most precious is on my road map ”

The actress believes that the right timing has somehow found her own value.

“An undeniable fact, I have a housewife mode!”

Demet Özdemir describes her similarities with Sanem with the following words:

“Sanem’s being a daughter of a grocery store… Now it is an undeniable fact in me. I have this housewife mode. So I’m a comfortable girl. I can easily express all my requests, whether joking or not. I had many similar points with Sanem. This is the biggest advantage of this, that is, its shine, its being loved. Because I did not really look for something very difficult to turn into something. The language in the script I read was very close to me. The fact that Sanem was such a real, neighborhood, sincere girl also caused me to foam a bit because I felt a little bit close. ”

Emphasizing that everyone has contributed to the success of the series they shared with Can Yaman, the actress said, “The guys in the set, my actors, our director, everyone, there were great masters there, they have taught me a lot. As I said this is a big component, everyone’s labor is very big ”.

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