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5 July 2022 12:27


Coronavirus suspicion that frightens Miray Daner!

The famous actress Miray Daner drew attention with the character of Gonca in the Papatyam series and attracted attention as Beren in the Medcezir series. Wounded Love was the project on behalf of the young actress. She will be starring with Nejat İşler and Boran Kuzum in the Respect series after the pandemic.

It turned out that the young actress had stressful days due to the coronavirus pandemic. The panic actress asked her medics for help after her mother Figen Dilgin showed signs of covid-19.

Shocked by the fact that all symptoms of the virus were seen in her mother, the actress experienced great fear. Miray Daner explained that her mother, who was hospitalized with a suspicion of coronavirus, was quarantined.

“I did not sleep until my mother’s test result became clear, my experience was like a nightmare. When the result turned out to be negative, I took a comfortable breath,” the actress explained.

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