Berker Güven's great chance in Zalim İstanbul!
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30 March 2023 10:54


Berker Güven’s great chance in Zalim İstanbul!

In the youtube chat, the famous actor Berker Güven met with his co-star Pınar Deniz in the TV series Wounded Love.

“I went to something very different at a time. My biggest advantage in Zalim Istanbul is that I don’t start without talking. I had pure emotion and body. It was a softer transition for me,” he said.

Berker Güven said that Pınar Deniz’s most liked aspect is that she can adapt to the role quickly.

Pınar Deniz stated that the weight of the period was in the Wounded Love series. The actress stated that the transition from the period series to a series whose story is passing today is to tear the shell in her name.

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