Series News The first leading role Pınar Deniz could not forget!

The first leading role Pınar Deniz could not forget!


Pınar Deniz, who received great acclaim with the character of Yıldız, portrayed in the Wounded Love series, then suffered bad luck.

Pınar Deniz is still experiencing the sadness of continuing 6 episodes of the series A Crazy Wind, which she started with great hopes in 2018. Pınar Deniz, who met with Berker Güven on the chat program on Youtube, stated that the story of  The Crazy Wind is not over.

The actress said, “I started A Crazy Wind. It was a job I loved the story and character. It was a job that I enjoyed playing too. It lasted 6 episodes. We call it a mini series. Actually it is not over. I learned a lot while playing the character.”

Pınar Deniz was the first in this project. The actress started with great hopes and her fans were also on the show. However, A Crazy Wind, whose ratings are bad, ended her broadcasting life among the objections of many fans. Pınar Deniz still cannot forget this series.

The actress later starred in the Netflix series of Love 101. This series will be broadcast on April 24 with its first season.