Artists News Beyza Şekerci’s son looks like his father

Beyza Şekerci’s son looks like his father


Engin Hepileri and Beyza Şekerci, who met on the set of the revenge series and crowned their love with marriage, witnessed the best development of their lives 19 months ago.

The son of the couple, Can baby, was born in October 2018. The couple, who shared their babies’ photos from time to time, had the pleasure of being more together on quarantine days.

Can continues to grow rapidly. Beyza Şekerci shared the final version of her son on her Instagram account.

The actress said, “He was pulled back to his corner. It was a time when I felt that I had never been able to keep up with the pace of growth, every moment is a new square. Today is the 19th month” he smiled with the message.

While Can’s loveliness was enchanted by her followers, “It looks like his father, grow up with health” comments were made.