Big confession from Demet Özdemir about Aşk Taktikleri! Turns out those moments were real!
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23 March 2023 03:56


Big confession from Demet Özdemir about Aşk Taktikleri! Turns out those moments were real!

Young actress Demet Özdemir, who gained great fame after the Erkenci Kuş series, has recently been on the agenda with the movie Aşk Taktikleri. The movie, which was shot last summer for Netflix, was released on February 11. The film, which was met with great interest on its first broadcast day, quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s Turkey list.

Fans who wanted to watch Demet Özdemir in a romantic comedy loved the movie, and they also liked the partnership with Şükrü Özyıldız. While the two actors presented a pleasant love story to the audience with their successful performances, they also told about their memories of the shooting of the movie in an interview they gave for the podcast titled Kaldığın Yerden on Spotify.

The scenes of the movie, especially in Cappadocia, are described as a magical atmosphere for the audience. In addition to the magnificent beauties of Cappadocia, the balloon ride, which attracts great attention in terms of tourism in the region, was also featured in one scene of the movie.

In the interview, Şükrü Özyıldız and Demet Özdemir talked about what happened in the details of the balloon scene, which is perhaps one of the most exciting and funny scenes of the movie Aşk Taktikleri, with laughter.

The audience burst into laughter at those moments when Aslı, brought to life by Özdemir, was put on the balloon blindfolded and screamed when the balloon rose. However, Demet Özdemir explained in her interview that this scene is not really a game.

Demet Özdemir, who said that she got on the balloon for the first time in her life, admitted that she had very tense moments about this scene. In other words, those moments when he screamed in the movie weren’t really a game! Demet Özdemir admitted that she was very afraid of the balloon due to her fear of heights at the same time.

Demet Özdemir said, “I got on the balloon for the first time and I was really scared”. Emphasizing that there was not much room for error in order to finish the scene as soon as possible, the actress explained that she experienced great panic and fear.

Emphasizing that while she was screaming, her partner Şükrü had more fun, the actress said, “I think Şükrü had more fun and laughed because I was screaming. I screamed 10 times more than what was written in the script, and fainted more,” and said that he actually had moments of fear behind the camera, just like in the story.

Meanwhile, Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız also talked about an interesting incident that happened to them on that stage. Explaining that Özdemir’s close friend and stylist Rutkay Öziş gave him an expensive watch before the balloon scene, the actor said that the watch fell out of his arm during the scene and that he later found the watch somehow and there was not even a scratch.

Özdemir, who also shared a video about the behind-the-scenes of the scene on his Instagram page, conveyed those moments as follows:

“Our stylist, also my very close friend, Rutkay Öziş gave me a beautiful expensive watch to wear on stage. He said put it on but I said are you sure because of my struggles and fear of heights, he said relax. While our relatives withdrew, our couples were withdrawing, while I was shouting “Let me go,” I saw the clock come off my wrist and go around behind Şükrü and fall down. Download me, I’ll jump, I say, but I looked where the clock was going, hanging down. I both play and say to Şükrü “the time has passed”. Somehow we changed the lines. During the game, we determined the coordinates without breaking the game. We did a search and rescue operation, our set manager found it.
I locked myself in the trailer and cried. It was very bad acting and it was 8,5 in the morning. There wasn’t a single scratch. Rutkay gave me nothing after that.”

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