Big confrontation in the final scene of the Yargı series!
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4 February 2023 12:00


Big confrontation in the final scene of the Yargı series!

The new episode of Kanal D’s TV series, Yargı, which was signed by Ay Yapım and locked everyone on the screen, brought many emotions to life at the same time. Ceylin’s confrontation with Engin in the final scene increased the tension between the two and took the audience’s breath away.

The new episode of The Yargı again won the audience’s appreciation. Ilgaz and Ceylin, who managed to turn all the arrows towards Engin with their long efforts, were finally getting ready to breathe a sigh of relief, while Yekta provided all the conditions to target Osman in order to save his son. While all this was going on, what happened to Çınar gave the signals that there would be confusion in the Yargı again.

While the moments when Çınar took shelter in Metin brought everyone to tears, it was a matter of curiosity what Metin would risk for his son this time. Ceylin confronted Engin in Yargı, which left the excitement of the audience at its peak with another impressive finale. How this tense confrontation, where breaths are held, will end, will be answered in the next episode of the popular series.

Yargı was also talked about a lot on social media with its new episode published last night. The series, which gained nearly 10 million reach in all channels, took place on TT lists both in Turkey and around the world with the hashtags #Yargı and #Vicdan all night long. Also from the characters; Ilgaz, Ceylin, Çınar, Yekta and Pars were also included in the TT list.

Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu is on the staff of the Yargı…

Master actor Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu joined the cast of the Yargı series. Şamlıoğlu, who appeared before the audience for the first time with the character of “Şahver”, the teacher of Ilgaz and Pars, in the seventh episode, will have a key role in the story as the person who handled the case of Ilgaz’s grandfather Merdan in the past.

The cast of ‘Yargı’, where Sema Ergenekon’s pen meets Ali Bilgin’s director, includes the following actors: Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Pınar Deniz, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Uğur Polat, Cezmi Baskin, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Ali Seçkiner Alici, Arda Anarat, Ece Yüksel , Zeyno Eracar, Uğur Aslan, Onur Durmaz, Nilgün Türksever, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk, Onur Özaydın, Özlem Çakar Yalçınkaya, Zeynep Atılgan and Beren Nur Karadiş.

‘Yargı’ is on Kanal D every Sunday at 20:00.

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