Series News Kartal and Efe united for the same purpose in Üç Kuruş!

Kartal and Efe united for the same purpose in Üç Kuruş!

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The TV series Üç Kuruş, signed by Ay Yapım, was eagerly awaited on Show TV screens, and the first episode was also broadcast. There is an intense audience interest in the series. There was also a lot of sharing about the series on social media. This great interest also indicates that the series started well. The viewers commented that they followed the first episode without getting bored and that they liked the story very much.

Üç Kuruş started off well on the screen with its breathtaking episode. After the first episode, the highly anticipated second episode trailer was released. In the promotion where Kartal and Efe came together to find the murderer, the moments when the two struggled together are awaited with great excitement. You can watch the first trailer of the second episode, which will be released on Monday, November 8, from the video.


In the first episode of Üç Kuruş, which locked the audience on the screen, the paths of mafia leader Kartal, who is the “protector” of Çıngıraklı, and Efe, the reckless and unruly commissioner of the Organized Bureau, crossed with a murder case. Efe struggled to expose Kartal’s illegal activities and arrest him. Kartal, on the other hand, managed to avoid Efe’s moves every time. While there is a breathtaking game of chase between Kartal and Efe, the life of the duo is turned upside down with the murders committed by the mysterious character of the story, İrfan.

When İrfan killed a person from Çıngıraklı, this situation triggered Kartal. However, Kartal, who was after the incident, was also attacked by the same killer. İrfan lured Kartal into a trap just like his other victims. Just like his other murders, he was going to kill him and then throw a dime at him and take a picture of him. At that moment, İrfan, who noticed the “ÇP” stamp on Kartal’s hand, was shocked and wanted Kartal to live. Efe and Halit rescued Kartal and went after İrfan.

Irfan, who was cornered, killed Halit in the conflict and managed to escape by detonating his car. This event was a turning point for Efe. He was dismissed from the profession, but no matter what, he would not stop until he found the murderer who killed Commissioner Halit, whom he saw as his father. Kartal survived the attack, but this incident shook his authority in the neighborhood. While Kartal and Efe were following the same path after a murderer, in the finale of the episode where the action did not slow down, it was noteworthy that İrfan also had the “ÇP” stamp in his hand and cried looking at this stamp. “What was the story of ÇP and what was the connection between Kartal and İrfan?” The answers to all these questions aroused great curiosity in the audience.

The cast of “Üç Kuruş” directed by Sinan Öztürk, whose script was written by Damla Serim, Murat Uyurkulak and Eset Akçilad, includes the following names:

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Ekin Koç, Diren Polatoğulları, Nesrin Cavadzade, Aslıhan Malbora, Nursel Köse, Civan Canova, Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Kırantepe, Uğur Yıldıran, Umutcan Ütebay, Damla Makar, Melissa Yıldırımer, Aytaç Uşun, Süreyya Kilimci, Cenk Kangöz, Alişan , Burak Altay, Muttalip Müjdeci, Asena Girişken, Tuğçe Yolcu, Erkan Üçüncü, Aylin Engör, Volkan Kıran, Özkan Özipek, Ömer Çobanoğlu and Ömer Civan Şit.

Üç Kuruş is on Show TV with its new episode on Monday, November 8 at 20.00!