Big fight in Kanal D's Sadakatsiz series!
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5 December 2022 07:16


Big fight in Kanal D’s Sadakatsiz series!

In the TV series Sadakatsiz, which was broadcast on Kanal D, scenes of violence are once again coming… The reason for this violence is jealousy… Volkan’s new target is Aras.

Sadakatsiz, which started the second season very well and received strong ratings, continues to be the first in the EU group. Berkay Ateş, who is a newcomer to the story of the series, also attracts a lot of attention with the character of Aras. After the rapprochement and kiss between Aras and Asya, Volkan fell into a jealousy crisis.

Volkan and Aras are fighting for Asya! Here in the new episode you will watch how two men can get tougher for one woman. Things got mixed up in the story of the TV series Sadakatsiz, in which the duo of Caner Cindoruk and Cansu Dere also successfully starred.

Asya is talking to Bahar. He tells that Aras kissed him. Asya says her feelings are mixed and says she doesn’t know anything about him. It is a big problem for Asya that Aras does not know his past.

Meanwhile, Volkan threatens Aras. Aras, whom he told to stay away from in Asya, reminds him that he is his ex-wife. Then Volkan punches Aras. A big fight breaks out between the two. Volkan, who fell to the ground in this fight, got his share of Aras’s fists, which pleased the fans of the series.

Sadakatsiz will meet with the audience on Kanal D with its new episode on Wednesday, October 27 at 20.00. Here is the 36th episode trailer:

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