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6 July 2022 17:20


Big problem in the father series! The difference that Tolga Sarıtaş boasted was the handicap of the series!

Show TV series called Baba, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings, was a production that continued on its way in the middle… Those who heard the name of Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş at first thought that a project that would mark the year 2022 would come.

The first trailer released by Show TV was so impressive that it was thought that Baba would win first places and even push double-digit ratings. In the statement he made at the very beginning of the series, Tolga Sarıtaş also gave the message that a deep story would be told with a large cast of actors.

Also, when Gökhan Horzum was the screenwriter behind the 4-season success of Çukur in the script, expectations for the series Baba were very high. But there is a great disappointment. With its fifth episode published on March 15 in the Tuesday competition; The series, which could be 10th in the all-person category, fourth in the AB and fifth in ABC1, fell short of expectations…

Criticisms are shared on social media that the script of the TV series Baba, which cannot exceed the 5 ratios and anchors in the middle rows, is not very good. Many series fans began to see that Tolga Sarıtaş’s praise for a series with a large cast before it even started was actually a handicap.

In addition to the effort to keep the story in depth, the creation of an environment that suffocates the side characters and misses the main story, turned the audience into a side role poisoning. Many viewers, who stated that the script was bad, thought that this abundance of supporting roles slowed the flow of the story.

Although there is no problem with the acting performances, the criticism that too many characters cause slowness instead of adding depth to the story stands out.

Many people expected this result from the TV series Baba, in an environment where the Kanal D TV series Üç Kız Kardeş exploded with its ratings and even took the title of Destan in the category of all people.

Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar duo are the names who wrote the script and the fans of the series are now waiting for these duo to take steps to correct the situation. In particular, there are expectations such as reducing the abundance of supporting roles, making the story more fluid and increasing the excitement in each episode.

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