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Big surprise from Barış Arduç

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Barış Arduç, who made a new series of surprise to his fans after leaving The Pit series, gave detailed information about the project for the first time … Stating that they had a short-term and certain beginning and end agreement with The Pit series, the actor emphasized that it was not a surprise that the character of Arık Böke Erdenet left the series.

Barış Arduç, who accepted the offer from the new original series of Netflix named Club, will soon start taking part in the sets again. Preparations for the series are ongoing and the crew is expected to begin filming in January. Barış Arduç will partner with Gökçe Bahadır in his new series.

It is also stated that meetings were held with Fırat Tanış for the series, which also included Salih Bademci. Barış Arduç, who gave details about the series to be shot by Zeynep Günay Tan, the director of Bride Of Istanbul, stated that it would be a good job and expressed his belief in the project. The famous actor said:

“We have an agreement with Netflix. Maybe you’ve heard of it. If I am not mistaken like January, if nothing goes wrong, it will begin. Let’s see we’re trying to do good work. We are together with good things. ”

After reminding that Gökçe Bahadır and Salih Bademci were mentioned in the cast, the famous actor said, “I will not give you any clear information at the moment. I’m not more involved in it, about whom has been agreed, not understood. Because there are about 2 months. When it becomes clear, we will inform them together, ”he said.

Barış Arduç did not want to give information about the character in the Club series.