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7 July 2022 08:16


Both love and pandemic message from Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir, who gave strong messages about women’s rights in the series My Home My Destiny, made Zeynep’s character stand out more. On social media, viewers support this character’s breakouts and discourses.

The famous actress is in an intense working tempo. Demet Özdemir, who shared a dance video in the past weeks and stated that she will do better, stated that she could not rehearse due to intense shooting. The actress, who made a statement to the cameras, also touched on the pandemic issue and explained that it should be approached much more precisely.

After the reporters reminded the corona parties held in this environment, the famous actress gave an important message about the pandemic. The actress underlined that taking care of everyone is also important for the health of others and said:

“Unfortunately, everyone is out because they have to work. At the very least, we need to be more prudent in order not to violate their rights, and to consider our elders and children. It doesn’t work by saying nothing will happen to me. Actually, I think we should take care of ourselves, not just for ourselves, but to think of other people. We try to take precautions as much as possible on the set. I think it seems like this job will be solved if everyone first thought of their own family and then their relatives …

“Is your heart empty?” Making a similar statement once again on the question of the actress, “You will see it when it is really empty, when I have a lover. I commented rather than writing one by one with my friends and correcting them. But I promise you. When you see it next to me, you will truly believe it, and when it happens, you will understand. I do not want to run away like this without it, it really does not exist ”.

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