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7 July 2022 08:29


An emotional message from the actors of The Innocents

The earthquake disaster that took place off Seferihisar last Friday caused great suffering. The collapsed buildings, many heavily damaged structures and our citizens who passed away under the rubble, the babies Elif and Ayda, who instilled the hopes of surviving the wreckage, and many of our citizens were among the unforgettable memories of the Izmir earthquake.

The beginning of the 8th episode of the The Innocents series started with a very impressive and powerful message. The leading actors of the series; A message was given, with Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar, Birkan Sokullu lined up in the front and all their teammates behind them.

This message about the earthquake disaster in Izmir affected the audience very much. There was a lot of talk on social media. With their emotional messages, the actors expressed how much pain the whole team felt …

Here is the message that the actors and the entire TV show team gave together:

“Last week, our beautiful Izmir was shaken by a terrible earthquake. We wish mercy from God to those who passed away, great patience to their relatives, and urgent healing to the wounded. Fortunately, we also receive miraculous news. Baby Elif, Ayda baby was saved after hours and gave us hope. We send our endless thanks to our dear search and rescue teams, medical teams and everyone who work day and night, day and night. Get well soon Izmir.”

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