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6 July 2022 02:22


Sexy poses from Hazal Türesan

Hazal Türesan brings the character of Beliz to life in the series A Miracle, which continues to meet with the audience on Thursday evenings on Fox TV screen with its second season. The famous actress gave an interview to the November issue of MAG magazine and made a strong impression with her sexy poses.

Making a strong impression with her successful performance in the series, Hazal Türesan also had the opportunity to be recognized by the masses thanks to the A Miracle. The player, who rapidly increased his fan base, became one of the most talked about players on social media.

Hazal Türesan, who is on the same set with a strong team in A Miracle, shows her talent in every scene in the series. The actress, who is also eye-catching with her beauty, made her fans’ hearts hop with her sexy poses for MAG magazine.

Stating that she is someone who criticizes her very much in her statement in the magazine, the actress said, “I cannot find the opportunity to praise myself for criticizing.

Being extremely self-critical is also a situation where the actress is uncomfortable. Hazal Türesan said, “When I go to extremes, it can turn into my favorite features.”

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