Series News The uncertainty of Tansel Öngel in The Innocents ended with a happy ending!

The uncertainty of Tansel Öngel in The Innocents ended with a happy ending!

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The TV series fans were unhappy that the famous actress Tansel Öngel did not appear in The Innocents series for a while… After Öngel came to the story with the Naci character, hope rose in the series and Safiye’s change pleased everyone.

However, Naci was ill and went to Ankara and left the fans of the TV series unannounced for a while. The first agreement with Tansel Öngel was over 13 episodes, but it was extended when the character was loved. Then there was a partial separation. The actor was known to have been discussing other projects as well. However, the producer firm took his hand quickly and reached an agreement with the famous actress. Naci character will return to the series again.

Tansel Öngel, who has been in contact with the producers of the series The Innocents, made the decision to return to the series again and accepted the offer from the producer. What the character will experience in the later parts of the story is expected with curiosity.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş announced on her twitter account that the Naci character will return to the story again. It is not clear yet when Naci will return from Ankara.

In addition, it is not known who the Han took prisoner in the basement. Many viewers guess that this person is Naci. However, it turned out that the screenwriters had not decided on this yet.

It is stated that developments in the story will be arranged according to Naci’s disease status.