In the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, a puzzle has finally been solved!
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26 November 2022 18:00


In the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, a puzzle has finally been solved!

The great story of the series Masumlar Apartmanı (The Innocents), which meets with the audience on Tuesday evenings on TRT1 screens, continues to impress the audience. Everyone was curious about what would happen to Naci, who left the story of the series last month. The player’s deal was over but extended. Afterwards, it was said that Naci went to Ankara and came out of the story …

However, Naci reappeared, and the enigmatic conundrum of Han was thus concluded. For several episodes, guesses were made about who the Han was hiding in the basement. It was also said that this person could or could not be Naci. Because the agreement with Tansel Öngel was not finalized, the screenwriters had made preparations according to every possibility.

In the end, an agreement was made with Tansel Öngel, and the Han puzzle was resolved in the 30th episode of the Masumlar Apartmanı. Han, who kept Naci with the urge to protect his sister Safiye, was not surprised by saying that he could not escape from there and die.

However, Naci’s words were more striking. “I’ll get out of here and go to İnci. Naci also says that Han is a poor person who thinks he is superman.

The conversation between Han and Naci was also very meaningful in terms of the depth of the words. The fans of the series, who watched that scene very carefully, found Naci’s detections about Han very well.

“This time you will not be able to afford it, you will lose. Naci said, “You cannot save me” and started to open different windows in Han’s mind. Here is the scene that impressed everyone between Naci and Han:

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