A radical decision has been made in the series of The Innocents!
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26 September 2022 16:45


A radical decision has been made in the series of The Innocents!

TRT 1’s TV series “The Innocents”, which has left its mark on Tuesdays and has not fallen from the summit since the first day it was broadcast, is on the screen on Tuesday, March 30 (tomorrow) with its twenty-eighth episode. TRT1’s popular TV series has a very strong story and a successful cast. An important decision has also been made for the new episodes of the series.

You will see Merve Dizdar, who gives life to the Gülben character, much more ahead. Because there will be a great wave of change in Gülben. Safiye will return to its old days after Naci’s departure, but Gülben will be very different. The Innocents, which is adapted from a real life story, will again lock the viewers in front of the screen with its striking story. What will happen this week in The Innocents, whose new episode is eagerly and excitedly anticipated.

While İnci has not recovered from Han’s laughter in the psychiatrist’s room, she becomes even more worried by Han’s relaxed attitude. Gülben runs into gold again in her noon sleep, but this time she makes a radical decision. This decision shakes not only Gülben, but the whole balance in the house. Gülben will undergo a great change. It will even move towards a worse point than before.

You will witness that Gülben’s hopeful and loving expectations have also changed. The new moods of Gülben and Safiye brothers in the series The Innocents will strain the audience.

While Safiye tries to turn Gülben out of her decision, Han and İnci arrive. Finding out that Neriman is locked in his room is the start of a great crisis. While everyone at home is tense, Neriman’s unexpected plan brings bigger problems.

With the new section of The Innocents, 30 March Tuesday (tomorrow) at 20:00 in TRT 1.

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