Is Reyyan of Hercai going to die?
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30 September 2022 09:01


Is Reyyan of Hercai going to die?

What happened in the series Hercai, which was shaken by separations in recent weeks, started to attract the attention of the audience. In the ATV series, which starred Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü, the 65th episode was left behind. Will it be the 4th season of the series that continues its season? However, now the subject of Reyyan is highlighted.

Umut baby was born. Although it is not possible to give an image like a newborn baby, still such situations are welcomed by the audience. However, the situation of the character of Reyyan, played by Ebru Şahin in the series, was left in the middle.

With the 65th episode of Hercai, both a ray of hope and a great uncertainty came. The fruit of the love of Reyyan and Miran showed itself. However, Reyyan’s health deteriorated. Even her heart stopped. Doctors are making an effort to bring her back.

The first trailer from the 66th episode of the Hercai series was also released and Reyyan’s situation is critical. In other words, the audience knows, “The main roles don’t die, if they die, the series is over.” This is also true in Hercai, but what if there is a different fiction? This question started to be asked.

In other words, Hercai fans were very excited about Reyyan’s situation. The screenwriters’ efforts to keep the excitement high in recent weeks should also be appreciated.

New ones are added to the separations in the series. Ahmet Kayakesen, Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar, Oya Unustası, and now Serhat Tutumluer, who gave life to the character of Hazar, said goodbye to the series.

The question in mind is what will happen to Reyyan?

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