Bige Önal's blue eyes are in Hande Erçel!
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29 November 2022 10:03


Bige Önal’s blue eyes are in Hande Erçel!

Bige Önal is another actress that attracts as much attention as Hande Erçel in the TV series “Love is in the Air”, which aired on Fox TV last night.

Önal’s big and deep blue eyes fascinate the audience. The actress, who is already admired and appreciated for her acting, manages to attract attention with her beautiful eyes. The actress, who previously appeared in other productions, also grew her fan base in the series “Love is in the Air”.

Bige Önal, who has been in a happy relationship with Aras Bulut İynemli, who also plays in The Pit, continues a quiet but deep progress. The actress is even asked if her eyes have lenses on the Internet. Önal’s eyes, her own eyes, let’s tell her first.

Bige Önal, who spent time with Hande Erçel on the set during shooting, made Erçel’s eyes blue with an application on the phone. Bige Önal, who also caught Kerem Bürsin in front of her laptop, made her eyes blue with the same application and published it on Instagram.

It is also seen from the posts that the actors have fun behind the camera and get along well with each other.

Here are those posts:

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