What does Neslihan Atagül do after the set?
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4 December 2022 03:50


What does Neslihan Atagül do after the set?

Neslihan Atagül, who locks her fans on the screen with her character Nare in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter, which appears on Star TV on Monday evenings, has been working in a different field for a while. The actress is publishing a digitally readable magazine called ‘Hadsiz’.

She makes a detailed study on the subject and presents it to her readers by highlighting some of the names who have left their mark on the period they lived by saying “the limitless of the moon”. Her biggest assistant is her husband, Kadir Doğulu. Neslihan Atagül Doğulu works to publish the magazine regularly every month.

The actress, who also made various interviews for the magazine, stated that the word Hadsiz actually expresses limitlessness and freedom and tells the magazine about people who have the courage to cross the borders.

In an interview for the magazine he published on Instagram, Atagül stated that each individual was raised with a limit and that this was caused by living conditions, culture, geography and family, and said that the most important source of motivation in the Hadsiz project was hidden in the dream of transcending these limits.

Neslihan Atagül continues to work for the magazine whenever she gets a chance from the set. The actress, who worked hard for the magazine with photo shoots, interviews and writing texts, also draws attention with her online magazine.

Atagül also surprised her followers by posting the black and white photos below on her Instagram page. You can see Atagül’s photos below.

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