Birce Akalay and Oktay Kaynarca left the door open for the project together!
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27 March 2023 14:25


Birce Akalay and Oktay Kaynarca left the door open for the project together!

Famous actress Birce Akalay has played different characters in the TV series that she has been in in the last period. The actress, who won the admiration of her fans in 2020 with the TV series Babil, played the character of Ilay. The actress, who has 5 episodes in the Son Yaz series on Fox TV, is on the agenda with two digital series projects.

The actress, who met with her ex-partner İbrahim Çelikkol in the digital series Kuş Uçuşu (meaning: Bird Flight), which will be broadcast on Netflix, is also on the agenda with the digital series Cemetery. Birce Akalay’s meeting with Oktay Kaynarca, who stepped into production as well as acting, created great excitement.

The fans, who thought that the duo met for a new project, were very happy about this situation. However, Birce Akalay ended the excitement of her fans with a single sentence by saying “We are sitting with our friends, it has nothing to do with the project”.

While confirming his close friend, Oktay Kaynarca said that they had a meal together. Oktay Kaynarca also left an open door for making projects together by saying, “Life is uncertain what will happen, but we are not in such a subject right now.”

Oktay Kaynarca stated that he has been working hard lately. Oktay Kaynarca, who is in a busy period in terms of collaboration with brands, new series and production, said, “Good things will happen.”

Birce Akalay stated that they finished the shooting of the digital series called Cemetery a week ago and is currently resting. Stating that she reads the projects that come to her, the actress also said that she continues to work for her own brand.

Birce Akalay stated that she always wanted to take a role with Oktay Kaynarca and said, “Why not, we are very old friends. It could be,” she said.

Oktay Kaynarca also stated that they could have a project together, but they do not have such an agenda at the moment.

As it is known, Oktay Kaynarca will start a new series that will be broadcast on ATV in September and emphasizes that it is very ambitious. Even though it is not on the agenda for the duo to act together in the near future, it should not be surprising if a deal is made for this new series in the future.

The fans of the two famous names, on the other hand, used expressions in the comments they made on social media, stating that it would be very nice to be in a TV series together.

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