Artists News Birce Akalay fans are great on social media but ratings will be a problem!

Birce Akalay fans are great on social media but ratings will be a problem!


The TV series “Bir Derdim Var” (I Have a Problem) started broadcasting as one of the new alternative productions on Thursday evenings. The series, starring Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat, reveals an ambitious story.

Birce Akalay appeared before the audience as a psychologist with the character of Nilüfer in the series, which deals with the problems of young people and claims to produce solutions to them.

A character who provides solutions to young people with problems through different methods is seen as a specially preferred role for fans who know how much the actor attaches importance to social responsibility issues.

Birce Akalay fans have also provided significant support on social media since the series was first talked about. Birce Akalay returned to the television screen with an effective male lead like Mert Fırat. There was a lot of interest in the series on social media.

The first episode ratings of the new series Bir Derdim Var, broadcast on Kanal D and produced by AyNA Yapım, do not indicate a good start.

While the series, which featured Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat in the leading roles, received great acclaim in the social media environment, it achieved well below average ratings.

The series, which ranked 13th in the all-person category, finished the day in 7th place in the AB group and 12th place in the ABC1 group.

Considering these results, we can say that the situation of the TV series Bir Derdim Var in the Thursday competition is not very good, but it has the story and actor power that can fix this in the coming weeks.