Series News Birce Akalay gave such a tip that Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık viewers will be delighted!

Birce Akalay gave such a tip that Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık viewers will be delighted!

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Famous Actress Birce Akalay is on the agenda with Netflix series that were shot silently last year and aired a few weeks apart in June this year. Akalay, who was admired for her successful acting and her performance in both series, became one of the most talked about names of the last period.

Birce Akalay, who took a break from the screen after taking a short role in the latest Son Yaz (Last Summer= series, accepted two series from the digital platform Netflix. First, the Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) series was published. With the release of 8 episodes on June 3, a storm broke out on social media by the audience!

While the series was watched rapidly among domestic and foreign Netflix subscribers, it remained in the Top 10 lists for weeks. Meanwhile, another series of Birce Akalay, Cemetery, was broadcast two weeks later. This series also made it to the top of the Top 10.

Birce Akalay, who has been in the Top 10 for a long time and has been talked about for a long time, while giving life to completely different characters in these two series, has been on the agenda for months! The famous actress met with Oktay Kaynarca a while ago, and it was talked about as the possibility of playing in the TV series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam (I Can’t fit in this World), which will be broadcast on ATV.

It was talked about that Kaynarca was meeting with Birce Akalay for the series to be shot by the production company of which she is also a partner. However, with the popularity of Akalay’s series of Mezarlık (Cemetery) and Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight), and the audience’s insistence on the second season episodes, the possibility of shooting new seasons of these series has also increased.

Although there is no official statement, it was reflected in the backstage that Birce Akalay had to reject the offer she received from the TV series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam because of this possibility. In the meantime, it is not clear whether the 2nd seasons of the two series will be shot, and it remained only in the backstage as an ambiguous situation.

Birce Akalay’s words in an interview she made recently were a great hope and tip for those who are eagerly waiting for the new seasons of the Mezarlık and Kuş Uçuşu series! In her statement in a street interview, Akalay said that the continuation of digital projects will come.

According to the news on Milliyet Cadde, the actress who was asked whether she will be in a project in the new season, said, “There is a continuation of digital works. Their preparations, their work meetings, so we’ll talk about them for now. If we do something to the national channel, you will know about it”, indicating the TV series Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık. Birce Akalay gave the good news that the second seasons of both series will be shot by saying the continuation of digital works…

By the way, upon reminding that these two series shot for Netflix were very popular, the actress said, “Two jobs made our chests swell. I am really happy too,” she said.

The actress, who also conveyed one of her dreams, stated that she wanted to be a director and said, “I want to be a director. First I need to shoot a short film and see if I can do it. Because it is not something I know or have experienced.”

Birce Akalay, who dreams of getting behind the camera as well as acting, added that she also wrote a script. Akalay said, “Writing already requires an extra teaching. Normally I write a screenplay, writing a screenplay is something different, of course, you have to work really hard for it. Script doctors need to see, a lot of things… We are talking about a dream right now, so I guess whatever needs to be done will be done.”

In the meantime, Birce Akalay, who founded a jewelry brand under her own name a while ago and went into business by selling her designs, also stated that this new job is going well and that her expectations are gradually being met.