Birce Akalay has a great series offer, but she has a big problem blocking her way!
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28 January 2023 23:34


Birce Akalay has a great series offer, but she has a big problem blocking her way!

Famous actress Birce Akalay is among the names that have not been seen on the screen for a while. The actress attracted a lot of attention with the Babil series published in 2020, and at the beginning of this season, he participated in the Son Yaz (Last Summer) series with the character of Sare. However, when the second season of Son Yaz lasted only five episodes, Birce Akalay almost lost a season.

The actress met once again on the set with her ex-partner İbrahim Çelikkol in the TV series Siyah Beyaz Aşk in the digital series Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight), shot in 2021. Then, she took part in the cast of another digital series called Mezarlık (Cemetery).

Birce Akalay, who stated that she was waiting for these two series when asked about new projects, also gets many offers. One of these offers came from Oktay Kaynarca… Oktay Kaynarca, who continues his career as both an actor and producer, talks to the names he wants to see in his new series one by one.

In the past weeks, the duo of Oktay Kaynarca and Birce Akalay came together at dinner. According to the new information that has emerged, Oktay Kaynarca made an offer for his new series by personally meeting with both Birce Akalay, Hakan Karahan and Eren Vurdem.

The name of the new series, which Onur Tan continues to prepare as a director, has been determined as Kor. It is not known whether the name may change in the future, but shooting for the new series, which is expected to be broadcast on ATV from September, is planned to start in June.

Birce Akalay said in her statement that there are projects coming and she continues to read them. The famous actress said, “I don’t know yet, I can’t say I’ve decided. I already have two projects, one is Kuş Uçuşu and the other is Mezarlık. Both will be available on the digital platform. I think I will come to a decision point after they meet with the audience.”

Birce Akalay, who said that she did not have a clear job other than these two series that will be broadcast on Netflix, explained that she also cares about feeling comfortable as a calendar.

In addition, one of the reasons why the actress is undecided at the moment is the possibility of the second seasons of both Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık projects.

If these two series are liked by the audience, the decisions for the second season can be made, and if Birce Akalay wants to take part in the season series, a very intense program is formed in front of her. The famous actress is indecisive about the offers, as she does not want to take such a risk for now.

The famous actress has now entered a difficult selection process with the offer from Oktay Kaynarca. Let’s see if Birce Akalay will take part in a television project that will bind her in the new season, or will she act according to the results of the digital series? We will watch and see together.

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