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5 July 2022 12:31


Birce Akalay is experiencing two great excitements at the same time!

Famous actress Birce Akalay has gained a large fan base with the projects she has been involved in in recent years.

The actress, who made an effort to brand her name, attracted a lot of attention with her new step. Birce Akalay, who is trying to create a jewelry brand, is working on various models with her friends.

The actress, who has been working for her brand named Birce Fine Jewelery for a long time, attracted attention with her Instagram account.

The actress, who has intensified her work, will soon announce the details of her project by holding an introductory meeting.

Birce Akalay is also experiencing a great series excitement… The actress, who participated in the highly acclaimed Son Yaz series of Fox TV in the first season, will give life to the character of Sare.

Filming has begun on the set of Son Yaz series. Birce Akalay got into an intense pace for both her new brand and her new series.

Fans are looking forward to both projects.

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