Artists News Birce Akalay will increase the power of her social messages even more with her new series!

Birce Akalay will increase the power of her social messages even more with her new series!


Birce Akalay has a special place among the actors who are known for their sensitivity to social issues and who give great support to charity activities.

The famous actress, who displays sensitivity and expresses the importance of empathy at every opportunity, has become a well-known name in many parts of the world with the projects she took part in.

Birce Akalay became a name that gained the respect of her fans by giving strong messages about charity activities and social awareness.

Now, the famous actress is starring in a brand new series project, a story that will guide young people.

Birce Akalay, who is the leading actor of the new Kanal D series called Bir Derdim Var with Mert Fırat, will be on the set soon.

The new series, which will touch the sensitive world of young people in adolescence, will also reveal harsh and burning problems.

In the light of Birce Akalay’s personality, which gives a social message and leads her fans with her charity activities, the series Bir Derdim Var has great meaning for the actress.

It is aimed to create a series with strong social sensitivity, with the consultancy of experts while writing the story of the series and during the shooting of the script.

The series, which claims to be a guide for young people and their families struggling with adolescence problems, is described as a beacon of hope.

We do not know how this innovative story will respond to the audience, but Birce Akalay’s fans, who know her sensitivity towards social responsibility, will be pleased to see her take part in a production that suits her personality.

The famous actress, who will portray the character of Doctor Nilüfer Toska, will reveal the importance of hope as a doctor who always stands one step ahead of her colleagues and draws attention with her innovative methods.

It must be said that Mert Fırat, who put forward his wealth for theater activities, made great efforts to attract young people to the theater and received praise from the art world, was a very good choice as the male lead of the series.

Mert Fırat will also appear in the series with the character of Prosecutor Ömer. We can also say that the character of Prosecutor Ömer, who will be the nightmare of Nilüfer, who has a big secret that will endanger her profession, will suit Mert Fırat very well.