Artists News [Birce Akalay]’s new love

[Birce Akalay]’s new love


[Birce Akalay] latest news …

Actress introduced her new boyfriend to her mother …

She plays Aslı character in the drama series Black White Love on Channel D.

She, in real life, is in the thrill of a new love …

Actress organized a surprise birthday party for her mother, Yasemin Ergun, in Istanbul.

She introduced her sweetheart Can Tunali to her mother.

She responded “Yes, I am very happy” on the words “Mr. Can entered the family”.

In the meantime, every drop of ratings of the last part of the Black White Love drama was surprised.

It is written in the social media that the series is no longer as interesting as the old one and is not much talked about.

The actress will show when her happiness will not continue in her work.