BirceAkalay will make you cry!
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27 September 2022 03:55


BirceAkalay will make you cry!

BirceAkalay started a new series, the first time will take place in the drama.

The name of the series is “Crying Mom”

The actress, who will give life to the character of flame, worked hard for her role.

She will play the “Alev” character that ruins the lives of herself and her family with a mistake she made.

She wrote that she was preparing to watch a series of documentaries. She said,”I have watched a lot of documentaries because I did not experience a real prison environment. This is a very difficult woman story, ”

The leading roles include BirceAkalay, OzlemYilmaz, CanselElcin, SezinAkbasoglu, SelimBayraktar and EkinMertDaymaz.

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