Böyle Bitmesin | Subject - Cast - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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28 January 2023 16:14


Böyle Bitmesin | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

Böyle Bitmesin, is a Turkish television series in the genre of drama and family, directed by Emre Kabakuşak and written by Necati Şahin, signed by AT Yapım. ‘Every marriage deserves a second chance’ and the slogan of the year dealing with the increasing number of divorces in recent years the subject was published in Turkey on TRT 1 for 2 seasons.

Nergis Öztürk, Yeliz Kuvancı, Cemal Toktaş took part in the leading roles in the series Böyle Bitmesin, which aired 69 episodes in total.


Channel: TRT1
Producer: AT Yapım
Genre: Drama-Family
Release Date: September 10, 2012 – June 6, 2014
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 110 minutes
Music: Alp Yenier
Starring: Nergis Öztürk, Yeliz Kuvancı, Cemal Toktaş.
Cast: Tomris İncer, Kaan Çakır, Adnan Biricik, Aysen İnci, Pınar Göktaş, Duygu Keser, Biğkem Karavus, Osman Kot, Eray Berke Acar, Doğa Karakaş, Ali İl.


During its publication, the social media accounts of the series were actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information were shared.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/boylebitmesin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boylebitmesinTRT/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoyleBitmesin
Official website: https://www.trt1.com.tr/arsiv/boyle-bitmesin


Böyle Bitmesin series focusing on family issues fully addressed during the period of rising divorce published in recent years in Turkey. The series, which was originally planned as “Arabulucu” and announced with a different cast, later came to the screen with the name “Böyle Bitmesin”.

“Every marriage deserves a second chance” in the series, drawing attention to the rapidly increasing rate of divorce in recent years, a different story is on the screen every week and the concept of family is emphasized. Also, the lives of the main characters were absorbed into the story.


The three main characters of the series are Nisa, Yusuf and Nazlı. The incident that took place on the wedding night of Nazlı and Yusuf caused them to take off their wedding rings from their fingers by covering their belongings with white calicos in their home, which they delightfully furnished and dreamed of living happily.

The impact of their separation shook both of them, negatively affecting their daily lives and work. A report coming months later brings Nazlı, Yusuf and Commissioner Nisa together in the same place to solve a difficult case that occurred in one of the women’s shelters. A struggle has begun, gasping for breath.

Nisa, the leader and joy of the team, handles the events with extraordinary solution methods. On the other hand, the story is supported by scientific data by convincing the audience about the depth of the project through marriage counselor Nazlı and legal advisor Yusuf.

The series also includes the main characters’ own stories. The divorce between Nisa’s family and Nazlı and Yusuf after their marriage and the ongoing love-hate relationship are brought to the screen.


Actor (Character)
Nergis Öztürk (Nisa Yazıcı)
Yeliz Kuvancı (Nazlı Hakbilir)
Cemal Toktaş (Yusuf Hakbilir)
Tomris İncer (Hümeyra Akkale)
Kaan Çakır (Latif Yazıcı)
Adnan Biricik (Cevdet Eroğlu)
Aysen İnci (Meral Eroğlu)
Pınar Göktaş (Özlem)
Duygu Keser (Zeliha)
Biğkem Karavus (Ayşe)
Osman Kot (Adı Güzel)
Eray Berke Acar (Arif Yazıcı)
Doğa Karakas (Fatih Yazıcı)
Ali İl (Atilla)


The soundtrack of the series Böyle Bitmesin belongs to Alp Yenier, who has signed the music of many successful TV series. The emotional generic music of the series also gained the appreciation of the audience from the first day.

Generic Music


The first trailer of the series Böyle Bitmesin was released in September 2012 on the social media accounts of TRT 1 and the series. The first images were greatly appreciated and aroused the audience’s curiosity.


Böyle Bitmesin series met with the audience on TRT 1 screens on September 10, 2012. Continuing for 2 seasons, the series said goodbye to the screens with its 69th episode aired on June 6, 2014.

You can watch all the episodes of Böyle Bitmesin series on the Youtube page.


At the time Böyle Bitmesin series was broadcast, impressive clips from the soundtrack and scenes of the series were also shared on the youtube channel. You can find these video clips below:


Bu Dünya / Mabel Matiz

Yağarsa Yağmur Yağar / Karmate


The behind-the-scenes footage of the series, which was shot in different districts of Istanbul, was also broadcast on the YouTube channel.

Chapter 58 Behind the Scenes

Chapter 44 Behind the Scenes

Photo Shoot Backstage Images


You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of the series Böyle Bitmesin below;

Divorce / Court Scene


Nisa & Nazlı

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