Bringing Hazal Kaya and Şükran Ovalı's children together, emotional moments lived
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9 February 2023 14:41


Bringing Hazal Kaya and Şükran Ovalı’s children together, emotional moments lived

Two successful actresses of television screens, Hazal Kaya and Şükran Ovalı brought their children together.

Two famous names, known to be close friends, shared these moments with their fans on social media. Actress Şükran Ovalı share; “Emotional moments, we were friends when we were kids, now we’re our kids,” she wrote.

The social media posts of the two famous mothers of the screens, who had emotional moments with the meeting of their children, Mihran Ela and Fikret Ali, also made their fans very happy.

Hazal Kaya gave birth to her son Fikret Ali from her marriage to her colleague Ali Atay in November 2019. Şükran Ovalı took her daughter Mihran Ela in her arms from her marriage to football player Caner Erkin in August 2018.

Two famous actresses, who became mothers with a one-year interval, often come together with their children whenever they can, play games and have a good time.

Şükran Ovalı also took a photo of Hazal Kaya with her son Fikret Ali and shared it at this meeting. In the photo, the resemblance of mother and son did not go unnoticed.

When Hazal Kaya was reminded in an interview that her son Fikret Ali looks like his father Ali Atay, she stated that she was happy because of this and that he would be handsome like his father.

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