Brutal criticism of Üç Kuruş: "It's the same as İçeride"
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30 September 2022 09:37


Brutal criticism of Üç Kuruş: “It’s the same as İçeride”

Discussions are increasing for Üç Kuruş, the series of Show TV, which is still on the way but has been eagerly awaited since the first day it was introduced. The series, which was announced on the day of its broadcast and received full marks from the audience for Uraz Kaygılaroğlu’s new type, was also heavily criticized.

The broadcast day of the Üç Kuruş series, which was announced for the first time in the last episode of Çukur, signed by Ay Yapım, which ended last season, has been announced. The new series will meet the audience on Show TV screens on Monday evenings. However, it is not yet clear when the series will start.

The shooting of the Üç Kuruş series has begun, and the first presentation of the series has been shared. The first images of the series Üç Kuruş, which is expected with great interest due to the fact that it is a similar series after Çukur, created great excitement.

Especially the blonde hair of one of the leading actors, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, moved the social media. The new appearance of Kaygılaroğlu, who plays the character of Kartal, who is the owner of the casino and is involved in illegal business, increased the dose of excitement about the series.

Ekin Koç is another leading actor in the Üç Kuruş series, which will take place in a gypsy neighborhood. The young actor will play commissioner Cem in the Üç Kuruş series.

While the series, which was first introduced, created great excitement, it was also exposed to serious criticism. As a matter of fact, the viewers of the similar TV series İçeride and Çukur, shot back to back by Ay Yapım, claimed that Üç Kuruş is the same as İçeride.

We, the viewer, who voiced his criticism, said, “I watched the TV series İçeride and Çukur without missing, but I think I will miss this series a lot. What is the police character in the series? You brought the character of Emrah in İçerde here. Similar actor, similar attitudes, looks, hair. A similar actor in a drama is something I don’t like at all.” the fan wrote.

Another viewer commented, “They cut down on the cost and combined Çukur with the TV series İçeride, and they made the name Üç Kuruş… Just like Çukur, which is said that the police cannot enter, the police come to Kartal’s place. It is still watched.” expressed in her words.

Another viewer expressed his expectation from Üç Kuruş as follows: “I hope it will have an original subject beyond the mixture of İçerde&Çukur. Because I want to watch these acting in good stories”

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