Buce Buse Kahraman, Pelin in the Yalı Çapkını series, turned out to be as lewd as Ferit in the story!
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2 April 2023 07:59


Buce Buse Kahraman, Pelin in the Yalı Çapkını series, turned out to be as lewd as Ferit in the story!

Buçe Buse Kahraman, who is on the agenda with the character of Pelin in the TV series Yalı Çapkını (Golden Boy), also gets a reaction because the audience is on the screen with an annoying character. Of course, rather than the reaction to the actress, the screenwriters are criticized for being too involved in the story for the character of Pelin.

Buce Buse Kahraman, who stated that she received various negative comments on social media in the reaction environment that emerged in the social media, said that she tried to do her job in the best way by not being affected by these.

Answering questions from his fans on Onedio’s youtube channel, the actress said, “How many per cent are you a liar?” gave the following answer to the question:

“I am never a womanizer when I have someone in my life. I’m a person who bury my head in the sand. But other than that, I’d say 80 percent as much as anyone else. Isn’t everybody 80, let me say 78 percent.”

The young actress takes place in the story of the series as Pelin, who comes between the character of Ferit and Seyran.

While Pelin and Ferit were in love, Seyran and Ferit got married. However, Ferit did not give up on his love, and therefore there are fights between Seyran and Pelin.

The fans of the series are also disturbed by the fact that the character of Pelin, whom they describe as Ferit’s mistress and whom they are very angry with, is very influential in the story of the series.

Even if it doesn’t exactly resemble Ferit’s spirit of debauchery, Buçe Buse Kahraman’s expression of 80 out of a hundred on the point of debauchery created an interesting situation.

Ferit in the TV series The Yalı Çapkını is also a womanizer when he is married, but Buce Buse Kahraman defines herself as a womanizer when she is not in a relationship. The actress also stated that if she has a relationship, she bury her head in the sand and does not care about the people around.

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